Linux POS Software: Imonggo Free Web Based Point of Sale System for Linux Users

Linux POS:
Free Powerful Web Based POS Software Imonggo Now Available for Linux Users

Campbell, CA, United States ( -- Free POS software Imonggo is now fully available for the Linux operating system, as announced today by Imonggo Inc., the first software as a service (SaaS) company to offer a hosted free web-based point of sale solution for small retailers.

Traditionally, businessmen using technology to grow their business avoid Linux, the zero-cost revolutionary operating system, because of the almost complete lack of business-targeted tools programmed for it. Costs rise up, therefore, because these businessmen have no choice but to purchase the expensive licenses for Mac and Windows systems.

With the introduction of Imonggo, however, businessmen who have chosen to cut costs by choosing Linux are finally given a step ahead. Imonggo can easily be configured to Linux-based computers, thereby giving them the capacity to effectively process complex retailing data.

Because Imonggo is web-based, it can run on any Linux-based computer as long as it can connect to the Internet.

To start using Imonggo point of sale system, just visit the website at and sign up for an account. No software installation is required so the prospective user saves time and money.

Imonggo's simplicity assures its users that it can be mastered in under three minutes. Its exclusive features, like extensive sales reports, discount modules and user management, are easy to understand. However, they remain powerful enough to run a business well.

Imonggo also has the ability to manage multiple (unlimited) users and can support as many branches as needed. Its scalability guarantees branch interconnectivity through the Internet, so transferring stocks and sales records are fast and error-free. Each user can also be assigned to access one or more branches.

Data security is also a must for Imonggo. Imonggo even maintains a powerful SSL encryption that encrypts all the data in a language that cannot be decoded by other computers. This ensures the data to be hack-proof. Imonggo also backs up all records using several servers spread across the continent so there is virtually no danger of them being lost.

With Imonggo, Linux users are not just given a free POS software but also a powerful tool to take their business to the top.

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