Start Accepting Credit Card Payments with Imonggo

Setting up card processing for your customers in Imonggo is simple. You just need to apply for an Card Present Gateway account. Once your account is approved, just enter the API key and transaction key provided by into Imonggo, and you are ready to process credit cards.

The easiest way to apply for an account is to contact Gotmerchant, one of the friendliest resellers for small business. You can also apply from directly or contact other resellers. Here is the directory of the resellers.

When applying for the gateway account, make sure to specify that you need a Card Present Gateway account for it to work with Imonggo. "Card Present" means that you have physical access to the credit card during sales.

Inform the reseller that Imonggo is a certified POS solutions provider. You may ask them to check out the following URL: where Imonggo is listed.

Once your gateway account is approved, you will be able to log in to and obtain the API key and transaction key needed for the next step.

How To Configure Imonggo for Credit Card Processing

  • Go to Control Center (located at the Office) and click Set Up Credit Card Processing.
  • Check Enable Credit Card Processing through
  • Enter your API key and transaction key.
  • Check Enable Swiping with Magnetic Card Reader if you have a magnetic card reader connected.
  • Click Save.

Imonggo is now ready to process customer's credit card payments at the Store.

Using Magnetic Card Readers

A magnetic card reader can be used so that you can swipe customer's credit card without having to manually type the complete credit card information.

Most magnetic card readers behave like keyboards and will recognize the encoded information once you scan the card. They don't normally require additional software to be installed. Imonggo will only support magnetic card readers that behave like keyboards (or operate in keyboard emulation mode).

Click here for more information about credit card reader compatibility.